DailyPhoto 09-18-12

Inspiration: Leap Organics Soaps

Goulash with dill cashew cream (Vegan MoFo 10/29/11)

Thai L’Elephant (Vegan MoFo 10/28/11)

“Chicken Steak” with pasta shells and fresh tomato sauce (Vegan MoFo 10/27/11)

Wolfberry and Dried Bean Thread soup (Vegan MoFo 10/26/11)

“Chicken” with apricot pepper jam sauce (Vegan MoFo 10/24/11)

Manakeesh with Za’atar, Chickpea Salad, and Stuffed Grape Leaves (Vegan Mo Fo 10/23/11)

Nian Gao, Vegetarian Salmon, and Napa Cabbage (Vegan MoFo 10/22/11)


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