Art Journal 1-15-16 to 1-25-16

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I can’t believe we’re in the final week of January already! I’ve been pretty bad about posting my journal pages here, but I’m pretty happy that I have actually completed a page for every day this month. I’ve been part of a Facebook group for developing new habits, and for that the habit I’m focusing on is making sure all my dishes are either washed or put in the dishwasher before bed. Everyone shares a photo or post of their habit every day, and having the public accountability really helps a lot. I really hate washing dishes and tend to let them pile up, but that doesn’t make them any easier to deal with. Of course, the same is true about keeping my website updated…In general I think this month has been pretty good as far as keeping some of my goals and resolutions and general intentions.

I’ve been working mostly in mixed-media collage lately rather than digital collage. I think it’s because I already spend so much time at my computer doing various paid work tasks that I find it unappealing to spend more time there. It feels like more of the same even though it’s a different process.
IMG_7905I still want to do at least one new digital collage per month though, so this weekend I spent a bit of time starting a new one. I think that because I’ve been focusing more on mixed-media stuff lately it takes me longer to get into a good flow feeling with the digital work. I feel like there’s a tendency to just rely on old tricks, which can produce a good image, but it’s boring and safe. If something comes too easily it probably isn’t good (although there are exceptions- sometimes a good image comes together quickly and easily!). Across my entire body of work, the pieces that I feel are most successful are those that started out safe, were pushed almost past the point of being a complete mess, and then brought back to someplace good. Here are two screenshots from today- I spent a while messing with the first image but it was feeling boring and like I had done it before, so I’ve changed things quite a bit and now I feel interested in it again. To be continued tomorrow…

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 2

I’m starting to apply for this year’s batch of shows…Hoping to try some new ones this year along with some old favorites. I’m pretty excited about some new items that I’ll be adding this year- prints on glass! I had a couple of samples made and I couldn’t be happier with the quality of them. More details to come about this, along with show dates as I have them confirmed!

IMG_7849 IMG_7850


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