Art Journal 01-27-16 to 01-31-16

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01-27-16 01-28-16 01-29-16


1/27/16: More work on the digital collage. Starting to come together.


1/28/16: Work on an assemblage.


I’m making an effort to actually read the National Geographic magazines that I get instead of just flipping through and looking at the photos. I thought this spread was especially beautiful…natgeo

1/29/16 and 1/30/16: Took the train up to NYC. Went to MOMA, saw lots of interesting stuff. The main exhibit was of Picasso Sculpture. At first I wasn’t too impressed as I’m not often particularly interested in sculpture, and while I have a lot of respect for Picasso he’s not among my favorite artists. I was previously familiar with some of his sculpture, particularly the absinthe glasses, but I found myself being impressed with both the quantity and variety of the sculptures on display. Here are some of my favorites:


This was the first one that really caught my eye. Looks like it could have been dug up from an ancient tomb.


I believe this one is called “Bull.” Amusing, and a beautiful shape.


It’s a lumpy cat, how can you not love it?


This one is just so strange and made me smile.


A collection of tiny pebble faces. I want one of these to keep in my pocket!


Pebble faces.


A funny goat.


I love the creepy spiky nails.


I liked how this resembles his paintings so much.


Another of my favorites.

I also really enjoyed Soldier, Spectre, Shaman: The Figure and the Second World War. Who knows why I’m so drawn to dark and creepy images. I also like exhibits that include work that are by artists I’ve never heard of before. Favorites included this series of etchings by Chimei Hamada (which reminded me a bit of Dali, particularly the distorted figures):

Chimei-Hamada_1 Chimei-Hamada_2 Chimei-Hamada_3 Chimei-Hamada_4

And these:


“The Impossible, III” by Maria Martins, 1946


“The Hydrogen Man,” by Leonard Baskin, 1954

The other exhibit that I saw was Scenes for a New Heritage: Contemporary Art from the Collection.  My favorites by far were these images by Seher Shah (they were labeled as digital prints so I’m not sure what the process was.)Seher-Shah_The-Black-Star,-2007_1 Seher-Shah_The-Black-Star,-2007_2 Seher-Shah_The-Black-Star,-2007_3 Seher-Shah_The-Black-Star,-2007_4 Seher-Shah_The-Black-Star,-2007_5 Seher-Shah_The-Black-Star,-2007_6 Seher-Shah_The-Black-Star,-2007_7 Seher-Shah_The-Black-Star,-2007_8

I then met up with a friend and went to the preview event for Postcards from the Edge. It was fun hunting for our postcards among the 1500 or so submissions and the wall-to-wall crowd. We went back on Saturday when it was less crowded, and both of our cards were still there. I hope my card found a happy home!

postcard postcardcrowd

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