Art Journal 12-8-15 to 12-14-15

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Yesterday was the last show of the season. After last year’s borderline disastrous holiday show lineup, I had pretty much decided that holiday shows just aren’t my scene. Art is not exactly a great gift item, unless you know someone’s taste very well and also know how much wall space they have. And my jewelry is honestly a little weird, and again, requires knowing someone’s taste. But after yesterday I wonder if my poor holiday sale showings in the past should just be attributed to display problems. Usually holiday shows are indoors due the the weather, and usually I’m limited to a single table. Which makes it very difficult to display items properly, particularly the larger prints (which are my most profitable item).

We had a freakishly warm day for December yesterday, with a high of 70. I jumped at the opportunity to set up outdoors, and I’m so glad I did, because I show I had very low expectations for turned out to be one of my better days of the year.

I really, really, try not to take show sales results personally, but it does make a difference, and I’m so glad to have ended my 2015 show season on a high note. It will make me feel so much more optimistic and energized going into the 2016 season to know that it is definitely possible to have a really great day sales-wise and it’s all worthwhile. The past few shows in the fall were very disappointing, and it can get discouraging after a while no matter how much I try to remain optimistic. I always figure that it’s worth trying, because I’m definitely not going to sell anything if I just stay home, but it’s good to actually feel positive about it.

For yesterday’s show I did a “Holiday Sale” with fairly substantial price reductions and an extra bargain for buying two items. I mostly just wanted to clear out some older stock, but I think it definitely did help sales. Pricing is so difficult, and it’s certainly something I’m going to have to reconsider for next year.

I’d like to thank everyone who came out to any of my 2015 shows, especially anyone who bought something! This is not how I make the bulk of my income (that would be terrifying!), but it is an important chunk of it. Aside from the financial aspect, I do also like the validation that comes with knowing my work is appreciated by others. I would probably keep making art even if nobody ever saw it, because I love making art, but it is important to know that others might enjoy what I have to share and it is worth doing.

And most especially I’d like to thank my mom for her help at every single show! It makes things so much easier to have a helping hand for schlepping all the stuff, setting up, dealing with customers, someone to talk to, someone to keep an eye on things if I need a break. And of course it’s nice to be able to spend time together!

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