Art Journal 11-22-15 to 11-29-15

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11-22-15 11-23-15 11-24-15 11-25-15 11-28-15 11-29-15 Spent an honestly appalling amount of time over this holiday break cleaning my jewelry studio and organizing my materials. Like, really, really organizing. When my parents moved out of their house I got a whole bunch of little boxes with drawers from my dad. They’re perfect for keeping jewelry supplies sorted. I find it both comforting and strangely energizing/inspiring to organize and sort things, particularly art materials. When you acquire a big stash of art materials, you’re bound to lose track of things, so it’s nice to sort through and rediscover things and possibly find inspiration there. Sometimes a big mess is fun, but sometimes it feels better to know exactly where to find things. I’ve also been fairly obsessed with playing Solitaire on my Kindle lately, which is basically nothing more than a game of sorting and organizing things. Sorting

Surprise, surprise, everything I wrote last year about how I feel about this time of year is still true. So much so that I’m not even going to expend the energy to write more about it.

I suppose it also relates to “The Dark Side of Creativity,” which I used to think was largely romantic nonsense driven by the need for the art market to have a good tragic personal story and preferably an artist who dies young or horribly, and/or a self-fulfilling prophecy (“artists are crazy, I am an artist, ergo I am crazy”). However, there seems to be a glut of actual legit research lately with titles such as “The Dark Side of Creativity: Biological Vulnerability and Negative Emotions Lead to Greater Artistic Creativity.” But would I trade away some creativity to be happier? I’m not sure I would.

This is really cool- art created using bacteria.

So is this- “Birds Saved Centuries Old Documents in Their Nests.” During restoration of a church in Russia, archaeologists found very old bird nests that contained scraps of papers from the 18th and 19th centuries. Little bird time capsules!

Listening: Inventions, which I didn’t realize until I went to find a link is the side project of the guy from Eluvium and the guy from Explosions in the Sky. No wonder I’m loving it so much.

Got my postcard blank for this year’s Postcards from the Edge. Last year was my first year participating and also buying something and it was a lot of fun. So far I have only painted my card yellow. I feel so constrained and afraid of messing up, which is weird, because really if I mess up this piece of paper I can just get any 5×7 piece of paper and start over. But in my head it’s like “this better be good!” unlike when I’m doing the art journal which is just messing around.


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