Art Journal 10-15-15 and 10-16-15

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10-15-15 10-16-15

10/15/15- More work on the digital collage started yesterday:


I’ve been having problems with my right shoulder for a couple of weeks. I assume that I pulled or strained something in the course of flying trapeze/static trapeze/fabric/handstand classes, but realized that I also spend an awful lot of time sitting in front of the computer. In a $30 Ikea chair, because I no longer work in a fancy office that will buy me a fancy expensive chair (apparently after I left there was a minor office civil war over who got to claim the chair). I realized that I have been mostly sitting in a position that was awkward for the sore shoulder in particular because of where my mouse was positioned. I’ve read a bunch of articles about how standing desks are supposed to be good for you (here’s a good one) and when I worked in an office some coworkers found them better than sitting. So I assembled an impromptu standing desk out of small cardboard boxes and a couple of boards I had sitting around which happened to be just the right size.


After using the desk for a while I realized that I needed to raise the keyboard and mouse another couple of inches, so I put four small boxes on top of the cardboard boxes and then the height was perfect. I also put another box under the central monitor as I was looking down and not straight ahead, which is just asking for neck problems. I had to cut a little bit of the corner of my rug off as it ran right under my feet and was annoying, but it’s just a cheap industrial rug that I don’t care about at all. And I put down a yoga mat to make it a little softer on my feet (as I generally am either barefoot or in socks at home).

I stood to do work for a few hours, with periodic breaks. So far I like it a lot. I found myself breathing more deeply because I wasn’t slumped over, and it is definitely better for my shoulder as I’m better able to keep everything in a neutral position. I also felt that I was moving around a bit more in general, shifting weight from one foot to another or rolling my shoulders or head or doing little forward or backwards back bends. My feet did hurt a little bit at the end of the day, but not too bad.

10/16/15- did another parasite drawing for Inktober. Also used the printout I made of my source photo for today’s art journal, and my favorite Dr. Ph. Martin’s daffodil yellow. I’m so funny about art supplies- I used up the last of my previous bottle of this color some time ago, and I was trying to make it last like it was the last bottle on earth. It’s not like I can’t just go online and get a new bottle, or go downtown and go to Blick and buy some more. So silly! I love this color though, which is funny, because I’ve never really been that into yellow. But I’m happy to have another whole bottle to play with.


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