Art Journal 09-18-15 and 09-21-15

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Took a little break from the Art Journal over the weekend. I didn’t do very much art at all, aside from a few hours of work on the mixed-media collage over digital collage piece that I’ve been working on. I worked on it Sunday morning and also a bit more this morning (Monday). This piece is nearing completion and it’s at that scary stage where if I make a big mistake it will just cause problems. I always have a sense of pieces starting out very loose and free and full of possibilities, but then as they near completion they get more solid and the possibilities narrow a bit. It feels more inevitable. It’s less fun and more work at this point. It feels like pieces in their early stages are water that I’m splashing around and pouring into different vessels and later they are ice which I’m carefully chipping away at to mold into a shape.

Left = Sunday, Right = Monday

Left = Sunday, Right = Monday

At this point I’m just working on details and building up contrast. I undid a lot of the work I did earlier because I used a non-waterproof pen and then painted watercolor over it. Oops. So now I have to go back and redraw lots of tiny circles. Good thing I love drawing tiny circles. Seriously, it’s so relaxing.

Some other things I did this weekend instead of making art (I think of such projects as similar to cross-training for physical fitness, but for creative fitness):

I made a halter top out of a t-shirt! This is great because I am always wishing I had more halter tops, and I am a freak of a human being who hates shirts with short sleeves. There is something astoundingly irritating about having fabric bunching up under your armpits. Long sleeves are ok though. I tried to make this “No Sew, CrissCross Back” t-shirt alteration, but I think the shirt I started with was too small, so I ended up improvising this halter instead. The shirt is from the Museum of Jurassic Technology in LA. It was supposed to be for D., but it shrunk in the wash and has been sitting in my pile of Things to Alter Someday for several years. I definitely want to try some of these other T-shirt alteration projects!


I also made a new garden in my front yard. The large piney shrub thing to the left has always been there, and a few of the rocks, but otherwise there was just a bunch of randomness that probably grew there after squirrels or birds dropped seeds. There was a baby oak tree (there is a large oak tree directly to the right of this garden so that makes sense), and a climbing rose plant, and some holly, and some sort of vine thing, and some unmowable grass. There were a bunch of rocks that were mostly under the shrub thing so I’ve moved those to be more visible and added some other rocks from the border I made in the back yard of rocks from my parent’s old yard. I am very fond of rocks + plants. I have to go back to the store and get a few more trays of the low ground cover plants to fill in the gaps, and possibly a few more other plants, in particular a few more light-colored things to balance out the light green one in the front. Overall I’m pretty happy with it. It’s certainly better than what was there before (should have taken a photo!). All the plants are perennials, so hopefully I won’t kill them all and they’ll come back next year. I’m honestly not a very good gardener. My theoretical enthusiasm is greater than my ability to remember to actually water plants frequently and keep weeds from taking over. I only like gardening when I’m in the mood for gardening, but it’s one of those things that require a more consistent approach.


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