ArtJournal 01-01-15

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Happy 2015!

Intentions for this year:

  • Practice mindfulness. I feel that this is a good way to make other goals happen. Being aware of what I am thinking, feeling, and doing. Is what I am doing furthering my goals? Am I dwelling in the past or imagining the future instead of staying focused on the present? To assist me in my quest for mindfulness, I signed up for Headspace, which has a really great daily meditation app. I have a lot of small tweaks I want to make to how I organize my time, how I eat, exercise, etc., but I feel that the things I want to fix are largely a matter of awareness about choices I am making at any given moment.
  • Develop new art practices, techniques, etc. It is easy to find what works and stick with it, but that leads to stagnation. Keep trying new things and experimenting. To further this aim, I have signed up for a 30-Day Creativity Workshop taught by collage artist Randel Plowman. I also received the book The Last Layer as a Christmas gift (thanks Caryn!) and am looking forward to trying some interesting mixed-media transfer and printing techniques. I have a bunch of
  • Work on promoting my artwork. I actually just thought of this one yesterday. It’s not something I’m quite comfortable with, which is exactly why I need to explore it and figure out how to do it in a way that doesn’t make me feel yucky. I have written a bit about my mixed feelings about Facebook and other social media. I asked my Facebook friends what other social media outlets they recommend for art marketing, and Instagram was the clear winner. (And that is one reason why I’m not leaving Facebook- it’s good to be able to put a question like that out there and get rapid feedback). So I have an Instagram account now ( Immediately after signing up for it and following everyone I’m Facebook friends with, I felt annoyed and trapped and further sucked into the Facebook tangle. I have a strong urge to quit it all (which goes along with my general hermit impulse), but I think it’s just a matter of figuring out how to use social media productively. I think I need to set a specific, limited time for going online and updating things each day. Even just setting up the account took longer than I wanted because I got sucked into looking at everyone else’s photos. Poof, there goes 30 minutes! I’m planning to keep my Instagram limited specifically to art-related photos. I also am working on getting my new shop fully populated with items. I would love to sell more prints, etc. online.  I also just signed up for an Artist Statement Writing workshop at UArts. The description of the class pretty much exactly describes my current artist statement, which I loathe:

Was your artist statement written in a rush to meet an application deadline and hasn’t been updated since? Or is it something you settled on after agnonizing over the keyboard and a thesaurus, but still needs work to better represent your art? Your website, CV and countless applications all require you to translate your visual statements into words in order to make a powerful first impression. In this workshop, learn how to better present your work through a clear and individual artist statement.


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