ArtJournal 12-30-14

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A whole week since my last post. Christmas really does a number on my productivity and motivation. Tons of preparation and then three days of family gatherings in various configurations, lots of cooking and eating, followed by one day of complete exhaustion and inexplicable bad mood. It’s not like I have the sort of family gatherings where everyone drinks too much and it’s considered a success if nobody cries or fights. It’s all perfectly pleasant, but it still leaves me out of sorts. Too much people-time.

I spent Saturday attempting to fix the non-draining dishwasher (that made Christmas dinner fun- all that handwashing!), eating leftover crackers and nut cheeses, crying, taking a nap, and watching three movies, none of which I really liked (Sex and Lucia, Glengarry Glen Ross, and A River Runs Through It). I liked Glengarry Glen Ross the least because the whole movie was pretty much dudes ranting.

On Sunday I started reading Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, which my sister loaned to me (with words of high praise). I’m totally enchanted by this book (pun possibly intended) and have been reading it in great gulps. I’m nearly done and have to fight the temptation to stay up super late tonight to finish it. I just love it. It makes me want to make art. It makes me want to write, and I’m SO not a writer, but my favorite books make me want to write. I’ve poked around the author’s blog a little bit and she seems like someone I’d like to be friends with. Is that a weird thing to say? The internet is weird. Anyway, I also discovered a link to some really cool sculptures by Ellen Jewett. Links and connections…

Have been “on vacation” sort of this week, which really means that D. is off from work, and I still have work to do but I get to sleep in later than usual. Have pretty much gone nocturnal at this point. It’s ridiculous. I think if I lived alone I would just give in and be nocturnal because nobody would care if I stayed up until three and slept until 10.

New Year’s Eve approaching. Thinking of things accomplished in the past year and things to improve in the coming year. I love New Year’s. Once I gave up on/got too old for the idea that one MUST go out and find something exciting to do and turned it into do whatever I feel like doing/indulge in some healthy introspection and planning it became one of my favorite holidays. Because god knows there is nothing I love more than introspection and planning…more on that to come!



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