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It’s sometimes hard to know when to let go of a long-term project, but I think it’s become pretty obvious that my DailyPhoto project has come to an end. And that’s ok. As much as I wanted it to be something I continued for years and years until I had a truly impressive collection of photos that served as some sort of chronicle of the minutiae of my life, I’m happy calling it a chronicle of 4+ years. 2009-2012 were strong years, with 320 to 350 images per year. 2013 has only 123 images, and 2014 has a pathetic 52 (with nothing after April). The main reason for the decline in my photo-taking activity is transitioning from working in an office to working at home in July 2013. I kept it going for about a month out of habit, but it really drops off after that. There are actually no 2013 photos for August-November, and just one in December. I tried to pick it up again at the start of 2014 in a fit of New Year’s enthusiasm, but it just didn’t happen.

I think part of what kept me interested in the project was looking for things to take photos of during my former walk from the train station to my workplace in Philly. I liked it as an exercise in being more aware of my surroundings and finding things of visual interest in a seemingly banal urban landscape. But working at home made that exercise even more difficult. My commute is literally five steps from my bedroom to my office. Of course I go places, but most of my time is spent at home, and there are only so many pictures I can take of random things around my house or yard or the places I go on a regular basis before it gets really boring. Oh look, here’s another photo of one of the random metal things I found on the ground and hung on my wall! Oh look, here’s another photo of the tree in my backyard! Yawn.

I think the other reason I got tired of this project was because in 2010 I started using the Hipstamatic app on my iphone to take photos. While this was amusing and interesting for a long time (especially when I’d let it pick random filters/films/lenses for me), I just got tired of it. There isn’t any particular skill to making an interesting photo with such an app. Instagram came along, and suddenly EVERYONE was posting photos of bare tree branches with a hazy filter, and it just seemed boring and overdone. I then wavered between using filters and doing straight photos, but between this and the aforementioned problem of just not having things to take photos of I’m just kind of over it.

I still love the idea of a daily project that accumulates over time, so I’m starting a art journal project instead.  Maybe I’ll revisit the photos at some point- who knows?


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