DailyPhoto 02-28-13 (And a Daily Photo Project revamp!)

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Thursday February 28, 2013.

So, I have utterly failed at taking a photo every day since the beginning of 2013. 33 photos total for both January and February do not a “daily photo” make. This year I decided to ditch the fancy Hipstamatic filters, because EVERYONE is on Instagram these days posting photos with fancy filters and I’m just kind of over it. It’s cool and all, but I’ve always thought of this Daily Photo thing as a creative challenge, and there is not much challenge in taking a good photo with a fancy iPhone filter app. You can take a photo of a blank piece of paper and it will look awesome. So I switched back to my plain iPhone camera. But I’ve been having trouble finding anything particularly interesting to take photos of. I guess that’s what happens when you mostly go to the same places every day. The first few years of this project I had fun finding little unexpected things to photograph and I felt like the whole exercise really helped me to SEE my surroundings that I was in every day. But I’ve gotten to the point after doing this for four years where I take a photo of a tree or some spraypaint on the sidewalk and I wonder if I’ve already posted that exact thing already. Honestly, I’m just bored with it, and if I’m bored, there’s no reason to expect anyone else to be interested.

I considered giving up the project entirely, but I think it’s a really beneficial exercise to do something creative every day, even if it is very small. I tend to work on larger art projects in chunks of condensed effort with gaps in between, which means infrequent updating of my website. I like the idea of doing something small and more casual, something to explore new ideas without worrying too much if they are good or not.

So, I think I’m going to experiment with taking a photo every day but then using that as a starting point for a quick digital alteration. No more than 20 minutes of time spent on any one image, and no adding of extra images- I get to just work with the photo of that day. I can alter that however I like though, such as painting, adding text, copying parts of the image, etc. I’ve also been feeling like my digital collage work has fallen into a bit of a rut, so I’m hoping doing these quick little pieces will generate some new ideas on that front.

Here’s the first one!



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