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I don’t know that I’d ever actually put wallpaper in a room. I think a whole room full of a pattern tends to look too busy, and I’d probably get tired of it after a while.  Just as well since I live in an apartment and can’t mess with the walls. Regardless, I love looking at the beautiful art wallpapers offered by Bradbury & Bradbury.  They have reproductions and adaptations of designs ranging from Arts & Crafts to Victorian to Art Deco to Modern. Their blog is interesting- lots of good stuff about historical wallpaper and interior design.

I particularly love these:

Moonlight Cyclos“This interlocking circle motif was inspired by the design work of the great Deco-era designer Emile-Jacques Ruhlmann.” (I seem to be really into circles lately, and I always love silver!)


Victorian Iris Frieze- “The Iris Frieze is adapted from the work of designer/illustrator Walter Crane, and was one of the first patterns of the Victorian era to foreshadow the coming of Art Nouveau, a movement which owed much of its earliest inspiration to the original genius of Crane.” (I don’t like most of the Victorian wallpapers- too fussy. But this one is nice. I always love purple and green together).




2 thoughts on “Bradbury & Bradbury

  1. Jen, thanks so much for the props on our wallpapers and our blog. We love reading others reactions to our work and it gives us great pleasure when someone appreciates the fruits of our labors!
    Just a thought for apartment dwellers: folding screens are wonderful devices for displaying art (wallpapers) and you can turn them around occasionally for a new display!
    Thank you again for thinking of us and keep up the good work!

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